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Superior Windshield Repair Services

Rock Chip and Windshield Repairs in Annapolis, Maryland

At Superior Windshield Repair we always advise our customers to take the matter of a cracked or damaged windshield seriously. A crack in the line of vision can impede a driver’s ability to properly see the road – so we always recommend dealing quickly with the problem.

The core of our business is auto glass repair and windshield replacement. We have been serving drivers in and around Annapolis, Maryland, for more than 15 years and have built up a reputation for quality workmanship and first class service.

We have an auto glass shop where motorists can bring their vehicle if they suffer a damaged windshield but our technicians also offer a mobile service for a nominal fee. If you can’t make it to our base – or if you feel the damage to your windshield is so bad that it is dangerous to drive your vehicle – then we will meet you at a suitable location and do the job.

Our staff use only high quality auto glass, contemporary technology and professional techniques to ensure your glass is installed properly so as to keep you and your family safe. Most repairs will be done on the day you contact us and we also respond to emergencies.

Your windshield can be damaged for a number of reasons. Rock chips from the road surface can cause what is known as a bullseye crack, star breaks are the result of small stones hitting the shield, and scratches are often caused by general wear and tear.

If such damage is left unchecked, especially in the driver’s line of sight the crack can grow to an extent where driving the vehicle is dangerous. Before the damage gets to this point we always recommend that it is brought to us to get fixed.

So for all your windshield repair needs in and around Annapolis call Superior Windshield Repair on (410) 263-1155 today.

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